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Specialised Risk Management Ltd

Specialised Risk Management Ltd is the Group Holding Company and Registered Insurance Brokerage based in Anguilla in the BWI.

The company was registered in Anguilla in 2010 and obtained its approval from the FSC in that country shortly thereafter.

Anguilla is located in the North Eastern Caribbean 5 miles north of the French/Dutch island of Saint Martin/Saint Maarten. Geographically it is situated at 18.2 degrees north and 63 degrees west and is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands.

As a British Overseas Territory, Anguilla is politically stable with a common law legal system. Based on English law, a liberalised telecommunications system and a high-end tourism industry complete with world-renowned hotels, villas and restaurants.

Anguilla has a highly skilled, albeit small but growing, professional financial services infrastructure.

Anguilla is technologically advanced and clients benefit from efficient and effective FSC management, which has been based on the British system in terms of laws and procedures.

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